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Gigabit Ethernet Copper TAPs

Tapping is an integral part of thorough network analysis and optimization. That’s why we’ve designed our signature Profitap Gigabit Ethernet TAPs as your comprehensive solution for monitoring 10/100/1000BaseT networks. Our TAPs are flawlessly designed to synthesize maximum performance and maximum security into a single, superior TAP.

In-Line Fiber TAPs

Tapping is an integral part of thorough network analysis and optimization. Profitap Fiber Optic TAPs are designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G fiber optic networks.

The quality of fiber optic connections is intrinsically linked to the quality of the fiber used. To ensure the highest possible quality, all of our products exclusively utilize optical fiber that’s been handpicked and extensively tested by industry experts. Not only are our TAPs of exceptional quality, they are also incredibly cost-efficient. Ask us for a quote and you might just be surprised at how affordable unparalleled quality can be.

Profitap Booster

The Booster transmits traffic from up to 8 ports (4 in-line links or 8 SPAN ports) into a single NPB port as opposed to the typically required 8. By optimizing the number of used ports on your Network Packet Broker, the Booster allows for unprecedented savings and outstanding return on investment.








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